Modern Windows Technology


SQL Server Database

Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server provides local government entitites with a high-performance, accessible database platform that is reliable, scalable, and easy to manage. SQL Server helps our IT staff provide cost effective solutions on today’s most advanced hardware platforms.

SQL Server is probably the most popular and well-known database platform in the country, and many of our customers’ IT staffs are very familiar with it.

Microsoft SQL Server delivers database integrity, and scalability at an affordable price, which allows us to provide you with cutting-edge, feature rich applications at and affordable price.

Microsoft .Net Platform

Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft .NET is a software component that runs on the Windows operating system. It is the foundation of the next generation of Windows-based applications allowing us to publish high-end software at an affordable price.

The .NET Framework is a run-time environment that makes it much easier for programmers to write good, robust code quickly, and to manage, deploy, and revise the code.

.NET is also about better software. Managed code is faster, smaller and lighter, its more hacker-resistant, and easier to deploy, install, maintain, and upgrade. Managed code will be cheaper to own and therefore of strategic value in the years ahead.


Computer Requirements

The link below is a pdf that provides our suggested minimum requirements for servers and workstations.

     You need Adobe Reader to view this file. Download the Minimum Requirements Flyer

Software Authentication Policies

The link below is a pdf that details our authentication policies and Audit Standards that ensure the highlest levels of security and data integrity.

     You need Adobe Reader to view this file. Download the Authentication Flyer


Modern Windows User Interface

Our developers use a consistent WinForms platform across all applications for new development. Our shared code allows our software developers to add updates, upgrades, and new applications to our existing suite improving our tight integration between applications.

Our software is based on the Microsoft Office© user interface to ensure a higher level of productivity from the start. We have created secure, innovative software solutions by incorporating today’s best technologies, while providing the foundation for technological advancements you want tomorrow.

     · Microsoft Office® Ribbon Bar
       Navigate Vision Software just like you are accustomed too with Word, Excel, etc.

     · Data Grids
       Faster Processing, Instant Search, Grouping, Sorting, and Filtering.

     · Touchscreen Compatable
       Touch-enabled software for the next-generation user experience.

     · Personalized Themes
       Make your applications fit your personality with over 40 designs to choose from.

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