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Vision's Software

“A new way of thinking regarding the "paperless" and "real time" environment. The easiest and most intuitive software we reviewed and now thankfully use.”
     - Linda Mead
       City of Toppenish

“Easy to use and easy to correct errors. The fact that you work so closely with the SAO is very important for making our reporting as easy as possible.”
     - Lorraine Taylor
       Town of La Conner

“It has saved me so much time. I am excited about the changes coming. The changes will give us more flexibility and control over what we can do than we ever have. Thank you.”
     - Sue Pearson
       City of Wapato

Vision as a Company

“Vision has a huge heart and they really care about their customers. We are more than just a "number" so to speak and I have always been treated like family. I think that is very rare these days - don't ever change!”
     - Dee Roberts
       City of South Bend

“I appreciate the knowledge, experience, professionlism, and customer service of Vision.”
     - Jean Braaten
       Grays Harbor Transit

“We did not choose Vision as our software provider, we welcomed Vision to become a member of our "family".”
     - Linda Mead
       City of Toppenish

Vision's Staff

“The Vision staff is great. I like that I can call when I am having a problem and they can walk me through it. Keep up the good work.”
     - Sheila Bazzar
       City of Buckley

“I really appreciate being treated with respect when I call in with an issue. I am not afraid to ask a question or for help even when I created the problem. Thank you.”
     - Carla Shirley
       Town of Wilbur

“Everyone at Vision is first rate. They go above and beyond to make things right and to get things working if there is an issue. Even when I am cranky because something isn't working like I think it should they are pleasant and get things fixed or straighten out my screw-up with a smile!”
     - Dee Roberts
       City of South Bend


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Vision Training Center, Increase Productivity and Performance

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