Vision Permits

Vision permits provides custom forms, custom mapping, and GIS integration in addition to the tracking standards you deserve.

Vision Permits


Improve your Permitting Service

Vision Permits allows you to track the permitting process from start to finish. Our Permit Manager allows you to create or select existing Applicants and Contractors all from the same screen. Then your Fee Schedule and Conditions will be automatically loaded based on the Permit Type you select.

Vision Document Management is built in to Vision Permits to seamlessly add, edit, and view all documentation attached to a Permit. Also included will be custom linking to your County Parcel system and State Contractor License system. Finally you will have Custom Mapping utilizing today's best technologies of GIS Integration and Shape Files.

Permit Manager

Create permits, verify Contractor License, verify County Parcel data.

Document Management

Integrated Word, Excel, PDF, or Image files.

Custom Mapping

GIS Integration, Build Custom Map with Shape Files

Permits Portal

In the field Inspector Portal


Enhanced Permitting Features (Tier 2)

     · Contact Data Base
     · User defined Permit Types
     · Automatic Fee schedules based on permit types
     · Permit Status Tracking
     · Permit Billing
     · Document Integration
     · GIS/Mapping integration
     · Parcel Information with ArcGIS Integration
     · Cash Management Integration
     · Financial Integration
     · Delinquency Schedules
     · Searchable Notes
     · Data Grids
     · Reporting Services
     · Permit Generation
     · Inspector Schedules
Premium Permitting Features (Tier 3)

     · Inspector Portal
     · Permits Portal
     · Advanced Notifications
     · Alerts and Notifications
     · Actions and Conditions
     · Outlook Calendar Integration
     · Integration into Email

Security and data integrity are inherent in our architecture by leveraging the power of Microsoft SQL Server. Transaction triggers record every aspect of a transaction and intelligent reporting provides the audit tracking for financial accountability.


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