VisDocs is an integrated module you can add to any Vision application. VisDocs provides a complete Document Management solution.

Vision Docs


Improve your Document Mangement Process

VisDocs is designed to eliminate the need for a third party Document Mangement Solution. It provides for the storing of the following document types:
     · Microsoft Office Document
     · PDF file
     · Image file
     · Video/Audio file
     · Visio Document

Security and data integrity are inherent in our architecture by leveraging the power of Microsoft SQL Server, we utilize the latest features in binary streaming technology to provide fast, efficient, and centralized document storage for your document attachments.

Document Center

Custom Tracking by System, Record Type, and File Type

Document Viewer

Uses Default system application to view

System Integration

Able to access documents from all Vision software

Documents Manager

Integrated at the Reocord


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