Seatbelt Program

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This program is available for all first time offenders of the following violations:

  • Not wearing a safety belt
  • Improperly wearing a safety belt
  • Failing to maintain safety belts in working order
  • Allowing a passenger under 16 to not wear a safety belt in a vehicle you are operating.
Classes are normally held the second Wednesday evening of every other month and last approximately two hours. There is a $25 fee required upon attendance. If you qualify and attend the Safety Belt Use Course, you will not be required to pay a fine to the court and the citation will not go on your driving record as a conviction.

To sign up for the Safety Belt Program:

Call (503) 123-4567 or come to court at 401 E. Third St. The clerk will cancel your current appearance date and schedule you a class date.

Note: Please wait one week from the date you receive your citation before contacting the court. This will allow the court time to process your citation and serve you better.